Game Chef 2006

Back in March, I found myself with two entries into the annual Game Chef competition:

  • Colorless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously: Players will play the part of symbols within a dream, hoping to bargain with and win over parts of the dreamer’s emotional state through a series of visions, quests, surrealities and nightmares. The goal is to effect her final choices once she wakes up in eight hours. Each session can present a mix of different players and different symbols, but the same dreamer.

  • Ancient Committee is an Emo Band!: Play through the ten iterations of a mediocre mid-90s emo band, and use your whine-soaked rock to save the souls of the kids in the audience. Cheer up emokid – you’re on stage!

Recently, the complete Game Chef feedback was made public, and the feedback for the games was interesting and positive! Both these games seem to have some potential for development.

What’s really interesting is that some of the feedback that these games may do better as card games, rather than as storygames; if nothing else, these games are straddling that line, and I think that’s a cool thing.