Dance and Dawn: What's Next?

The Dance and the Dawn (link) is one of my games that’s closest to complete, and one that I’d really like out there so that others can start carving and reusing it for their own purposes. So, what else needs to happen?

For one thing: I’m still adjusting with the tokens that the Duke and the Queen give you. Their economies aren’t just quite right, though they do a lot that I like. A more tricky problem is something of pace: in truth, having six different dances to talk through (from midnight until, yes dawn) can be really exhausting. Each of these rounds consists of tricky question-and-answer volleys that require a lot of creativity and improv from all the players (including the GM).

Some fixes to be tried: firstly, less dances and more swordplay. (I’ll elaborate only once I got something elaboratable.) Also, encourage “gossip” during other players turns, to keep dialogue going and to basically buy other players time (while tying up players’ characters with each other.) I also need to brainstorm some pregenerated questions – things the players and GM can fall back on while they’re still trying to feel out the characters. That can do a lot.

I really think that, in another game or two, I’ll be ready to tie it up and let Other Folks playtest it, without my intervention. That, there, will be the challenge.

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