Matrix Tricks

Some ideas of extra roles you can pass around for your Matrix-themed game. (Could this include games of Lacuna or Don’t Rest Your Head? Sure.)

120 BPM. One player controls the soundtrack, probably starting off with the original movie soundtrack, and then slowly mixing in other appropriate tracks. The emphasis should be on atmosphere and ambience. This player can invoke de ja vu by setting a track to repeat a certain part over and again, they’re invoked a glitch in the world, and suggested that something odd has just happened.

1280 x 1024. One player controls the resolution of the game visuals. They can describe the events happening, by limiting the color schemes or pointing out that a certain scene briefly goes truly grainy or pixelated, almost as if this events were being viewed on someone else’s creen. This player can invoke dramatic pixelation in order to cast suspicion or doubt on events that are happening, or to raise the possibility of oncoming danger.

9.8 m/s. One player controls the flow of gravity within the world events. This is a rare effect, but omnipresent: sometimes a character leaps gracefully across buildings, but sometimes instead they suddenly crash down suddenly, reminding them of their own limitations. Some times an object – like a cellphone – is carelessly tossed aside, but the camera watches the event in slow motion, underlining its importance. This player can invoke dramatic gravity distortion in order to imbue more meaning and importance to events.