On Fantasy

In response to a quote taken more-or-less in context, and in reference to a discussion of the importance of fantasy in entertainment:

“Almost all the well-adjusted people I know never read.”

To be “well-adjusted” is to have adapted to the reality of your world. The question is: do you match the consensus of the world you live in? Do you accept it?

But: the consensus of each age is the folly of the next, over and again. To accept your current world blindly is foolishness and insanity. Instead, you find some other piece of the truth: All men are created equal? Music is a language? Death is not the end? Words can level nations? Dragons can be slain? Discovering even one such truth immediately renders our current world incorrect and inadequate.

So there you are, with the cracked shell of your current world, but also the infinite possibilities of alternate worlds now opened. Fantasy and speculation are the intellectual language of visionaries to keep their sanity in the barbarism of every age.