Dance and Dawn: Why you should pick Lord Cruelacious

This isn’t something that came out of play (so I’m kinda underlining it) but its an interesting possibility. The endgame has each player pick the Lord they want, and of course if someone else picks your Lord you’re likely screwed. Of course, one of the Lords is always the Really Wicked Bad One.

Suppose there’s three of us (John, Dev, Nathan), and John picked the dreamy Lord Aentham, who i was 90% sure was my Lord. I could pick jovial Lord Briggs, who maybe has a long shot at being my pick (but is more likely to be Nathan’s match). Or I could pick Lord Cruelacious, who has revealed himself to be a insane jerk (and probably the Wicked Bad, instant-lose).

I probably should be a good guy and pick Cruelacious, screwing myself but giving a Nathan a better chance at not losing. But most players will (understandably) go after their second-best pick, and thus many games do end up in this case where some errant picks mess up everyone’s choices and there’s unhappy endings all around.

This is a picture of Lord Cruelacious.