Matrix: rules roundup

I’m going to post a few more things to summarize the various hacks I’m stitching together for the Matrix game I’d like to run. This is basically the pitch.

Stylesheet: See “Matrix: Unknowable”, the original Matrix soundtrack, and the various songs and music videos I’ve posted.

Game Structure: The game itself is freeform-like + rules-hacks. Game will be a series of linked one-shots, with time after the sessions to discuss what worked and tune accordingly. (I’d like to play out several sessions to let larger themes come out, but that’ll depend on how well things work out. I’m optimisic.)

Here are the rules hacks we’d use:

To briefly explain those optional-mods:

  • All of these are for use while in the Matrix. The GM will pre-determine each mod to be triggered by certain card draws (for example, 2s => gravity=mod). If you draw this card during your turn, you can spend that card later to invoke the effect. (You can read the original intents of these hacks here.)
  • gravity-mod: toggle low-gravity / real-gravity to anyone’s action
  • bullettime-mod: toggle bullettime / real-time to anyone’s action
  • resolution-mod: use a low-rez/pixelation effect to cast doubt on someone’s action, or to freely transition to a scene elsewhere (basically giving them a free turn)
  • bpm-mod: toggle the pace of the current mission by determining the soundtrack style. The three levels are overture (e.g. “Trinity Infinity”), encounter (“Clubbed to Death”), and conflict (“spybreak”). This implies the “tone” of actions that happen.