Blowback RPG: Helpful Links and Resources

I’m a fan of Blowback, an RPG of spies and relationships in the vein of Burn Notice. I’ve played it before (though I could stand to play it in more campaign settings).

In lieue of an extant landing page, I wanted to pull some helpful links together.

You can buy Blowback at the indie rpgs un-store.

Blowback is a game where you play spies blacklisted after a job goes awry, and the people who care about them. You can play this game with 3-5 people, and while playing it as a single game session is fun, it’s designed for long term play. It’s heavily inspired by the American television show Burn Notice and movies like the Bourne trilogy. As much as Blowback is about pyrotechnics and car chases, it’s a fish-out-of-water premise: spies stranded without their agency, normal people swept up in intrigue. And, like all multiplayer games, it’s about relationships— how much can you ask of someone, how much can you disappoint them before they turn their back on you?

Blowback resources you want to pick up: Character Sheet (agent and civilian), Job Worksheet, Operation Plan, and an excerpt I’ve made from the book, Flow of Play and Push Pyramid reference.

I’ve previously written about its push pyramid mechanics, and I’ve posted an AP about a great GenCon session based in New Orleans.