idea: Consensus Prime

(Still deciding if this would be a LARP, tabletop or party game.)

After the singularity, we are all mindthreads as part of an omnipotent omnicloud. Decisions are made through abstracted consensus. When enough voices fold their vox into the vox of another, that vox becomes a Prime, and speaks for a cluster. (If a cluster cannot fold unto a Prime, it will fade out, to be reprocessed into new mindthreads. THIS IS THE BAD ENDING.) This is a game about the epic debates that happen each nanosecond within the omnicloud.

Character Creation

First, you must have a name. Each name must be a greek letter.

At the start of a game, draw an Archetype: Harmony, Melody, Cacophony. This is your fundamental nature. You also start with a number of Vox tokens. (The amount is determined by rolling a six-sided “exploding” die; i.e, if you roll a 6, roll another die and add it to your total, and repeat as long as you roll 6s. This amount is kept secret.)

You also keep a list of all other mindthreads in the game by name. Their initial order is random.

There are a set of ideologies in the game (Explore, Destroy, Build, Discover, Innovate, Unify, Contemplate, Obfuscate, Preserve). Every player secretly pick one tag of their choice, and another tag at random. These are the agendas they wish to pursue.

The Deck of Issues

There is a set of pre-generated issues, each with three possible solutions. Each solution has zero, one or two ideological tags, indicating which entities would favor them. For example:

“Should we go to Mars?”

– No, let it stand as a testament to the silent universe. [preserve]
– Yes, let us establish a childnode nanofactory to create a separate hivemind there. [explore] [build]
– Yes, let us export our intelligences there within a hermetically sealed observation vehicle, and leave this wretched form behind. [explore] [destroy]

This is the issue to be decided.


Start the game, and put a fixed amount of time on the clock. At the end of gameplay, if there is a Prime, she will unilaterally determine the decision. If there is no Prime (or if the Prime declines to make a decision), all remaining mindthreads will be recycled.

In the remaining time, players will engage in one-on-one conversations, but may also deploy Dialectical Maneuvers. You also have reference cards to keep track of two rules:

– Mindthread Integrity: If you agree or disagree with another’s statement, and in so doing, contradict a statement you have previously made, you must discard this card and half your Vox tokens (rounding down). This only affects you while you are in posession of your Integrity card.

– Mindthread Autonomy: You start the game in possession of your Autonomy card. At any time, you may give all your Autonomy Cards and Vox tokens to another player, so long as that player is in possession of at least one Autonomy card.

Dialectical Maneuver

Here we go. Each player has reference cards for the valid maneuvers.

– Harmonious Chant: Make a statement. If the other player agrees, you will pool your Vox and divide it evenly (discarding any remainder). Otherwise, both discard 1 Vox.
– Melodic Evocation: Make a statement. If the other player agrees, she may give you 1 Vox. Otherwise, both discard 1 Vox.
– Cacophonous Shout: Make a statement. The other player may agree or disagree, but it has no effect. Speaker discards 1 or more Vox. Listener may discard this many Vox, or may otherwise yield half their Vox to the speaker.

But note, also, your archetypes:

– Harmony Archetype: If you been targeted by a Harmonious Chant and a remainder has been discarded, you may draw 1 Vox. If you have used or been targeted by a Cacophonous Shout, you lose this ability.

– Melody Archetype: If you have been targeted by a Melodic Evocation and did not agree, you may draw 1 Vox. If you have been targeted by a Cacophonous Shout, you lose this ability.

– Cacophony Archetype: If you have used or been targeted by a Cacophonous Shout, draw 1 Vox. If you agree with a Harmonious Chant or Melody Archetype, you lose this ability.

Endgame, and Selecting a Prime

At the end of the game, each player in possession of at least one Autonomy card is a Potential Prime. If any player has more Vox than all other Potential Primes, they are the True Prime, and that Prime makes a decision.

If there are No True Primes, your mindthreads are recycled, but you keep a fragment of your identity in the next iteration! (And you get to keep the same name for the next game!)

Scoring is as such:

* If there is a True Prime, they get 2 points.
* If there was a True Prime and you gave away your Autonomy, gain 1 point.
* If you kept your Autonomy but are not a True Prime, lose 1 point.
* If the True Prime made a decision: for each tag of yours attached to the decision, get 2 points. For each tag of yours attached to decision they ignored, lose 1 point.
* If there were No True Primes, you get 1 point for keeping your Integrity.


I’m pretty sure this swings out of balance in a terrible fashion. I’ll leave that as an editorial comment, while making a note to actually rebalance things later.