Seattle + GPNW + Spacerpunk

I had a fabulous time visiting Seattle and GoPlayNorthWest. GPNW is a con run by a great crew, and basically is a model for getting a good con up and running.

Aside from being run by Epic Heroes, they get kudos for finding a fabulous and comfortable venue. The con took place within a local house that tends to be used for literary and theater events. The space had plenty of open social areas and a variety of other spaces (both larger open rooms and smaller private rooms) for playing games. It was leagues better than having everything in a single open room. (I’m certainly taking notes in case JiffyConBoston gets larger.)

I finally played a game of Spacerpunks with folks I do not know. Many flaws were of course revealed (and tinkering will continue); but I really enjoyed how the game want (and I think I will get this thing finished).