[Dark Sun / 4E] Some neat mechanics

The mechanics are imperfect but open to hacking and rather fun regardless.

Legend Lives On In the “Hordemaster” Paragon Path, there is a power you eventually gain, “Legend Lives On”. So you become this badass leader of a horde, but what happens if you’re killed and not resurrection? Your protege in line takes your place and takes your name, Dread Pirate Roberts style, and since he has listened to your stories and studied your moves, he is mechanically the same character. But he’s not: he’s the next in line, ad infinitum. THIS IS BRUTAL AND GREAT.

Arcane Defiling: Option to use defiling magic (hurt allies slightly + kill many plants) to reroll a failed Daily attack.

It has a light impact (until you upgrade with feats, if you go that route), but it’s advantage is that it mostly stays out of the way and is not a pure tactical win. That is: it’s not a choice that is tactically superior every single time. It simply presents a valuable and selfish option when you are most desparate for second chance, and that is an enticing metaphor.

Reckless Breakage: Reroll a failed weapon attack. A non-metal weapon will always break on this reroll, whie a metal weapon will break if the roll is less than 5.

This is also alight impact, but I see it being more useful in dire circumstances and with failed Daily/Encounter attacks. It might be too “expensive” for frequent use. (With frequent use of Reckless Breakage, you might end up with a story like this.)