Dungeon Jam 8: The Dread Anvils of Moradin

Dungeon Jam continues.

Many adventurers will take the direct route through the barrows to the Royal Temple of Moradin, or at least close to it as they can manage. Or they may be forced to detour from that main path, but at many points throughout the Svartálfaheim, they will find temples to Moradin, long abandoned (and some would say forsaken). At any of these temples, they may not find true sanctuary but they will often find four sturdy walls with which to fortify their party. (Some young dwarves may refuse to say in these temples, as they blame the silent crafter god for the fall of the city.)

Take note of the craftsmanship in these temples: sometimes, encoded within, are secret instructions of where one must travel to find other temples, weaving a network of sanctuaries throughout the fallen city.

Sanctuary, in such a hostile environment, is a key element of survival, for there are many threats below that will strategically leave you no ground to fall back to.

Dungeon Jam 6: The Skymind Redeemers

Dungeon Jam continues.

There are those who believe the Skymind had the best interest of Svartálfar at heart; there are those that the atrocities of the fallen city may yet have prevent a further, unknowable cataclysm from taking place. Such heretics are the Skymind Redeemers.

Known only to themselves, they are a secret order among the surviving dwarves, and it is said that one of the original survivors is its spiritual leader. They share the same ultimate goal as the other heros – reconquering their lost city and liberating their brothers – but they also seek to uncover proof that there was some method behind the Skymind’s madness. They do not shun the ways of the Skymind, but instead hope to reform it, and train themselves as well in the ways of starlight (even if they are not warlocks themseles).

They also may benefit from congress and discussion with sympathetic ghosts trapped within the Svartálfaheim, but this raises a question: why? Are these innocent dwarven souls, caught in the crossfire and left in this purgatory awaiting redemption? Or are these merely tendrils of the corruption of the Grandchilde of Vecna?

Indeed, are these reedemers all simply marching to the forbidden beat of Vecna? There are those who think so, and there are those Redeemers who have met a lonely death in the caves for their heretical beliefs. All the more reason that those few, lonely redeemers will risk their lives to find proof of the Skymind’s wisdom – if any can be found.

Dungeon Jam 4: Into the Forgotten Subaqueducts

Dungeon Jam continues.

One of the great achievements of the Svartálfaheim engineers was to build a network of subterranean aquifers and aqueducts to send freshwater through the many levels and clusters within the great city. Enough water to survive on, to tend crops, to provide a home for the tigerfish and wildmako and sentapods and lighteels. Of course, the water stills flows, but access is impossible. It is unknown how much of the old infrastructure is in place.

The difficulty of entering through the Barrows are known, and so some of the wiser dwarves may suggest the old waterways as a means of access. Architectural records are seemingly lost, however. Could there be some scholar with access to a map of the fallen waterways? Or is there some other way to divine a path?

If the champions can find an access to the waterways, they may find easier access to the lower levels but they will find no rest from danger. The terrain will be cold, wet and dark: a poor environment for open battle. The waterways will have collapsed some regions, flooded others, and may otherwise leave a fast-flowing river that the heros will ahve to navigate. The wildmako and sentapods were never friendly, and it is whispered that worse things have risen alongside them.