an example of exploration/celebration of genre and setting-color

In the form of a music video: Look At Me (When I Rock Wichoo) by Black Kids.

Awesome nostalgia with a totally trippy and psychadelic vibe, and plenty of cross-references to the genres and tropes that are baked into our generation’s post-80s DNA. I once said my creative agenda for RPGs was about a certain kind of exploration/celebration of genre. If you watch this and love it, then you get it.

Also, I totally want to play D&D with Ali Youngblood. She’s some sort of “mage” in this video, which is awesome.

ETA: Oh, this is also a clear reference to the old dungeons & dragons cartoon.

Matrix: Music by the Faint

The Faint are great.

Here’s the video for “The Geeks Were Right”. Be careful, it’s a little painful to watch given the seizure-inducing graphics (though I dig the music still).

The vibe of the song fits with the post-humanism/existentialism of the Matrix, though the graphics are more like a bad trip down the Metaverse of Neuromancer. Maybe if you take the Red Pill in the Very Wrong Way, this is what happens.

This is an older song, “Agenda Suicide”. The video is more brutal and freaky, and not really happy at all.

This is again like someone waking up, but waking up Wrong: seeing things they’re not ready to see, understanding only partially, their worldview crashing around them, and coming to a destructive conclusion.

Wisdom, gnosis, “the truth” – these things are deadly weapons, fatal to most sleepers in the Matrix. The act of understanding can be the most horrifying experience you can imagine, and I’m sure many awakened Rebels within the Matrix regret having ever woken up.

Matrix: More Music

(And a question: what season (IRL) is the right time to play a Matrix-themed game?)

I just remembered that “Down In A Rabbit Hole” by Bright Eyes is perfect telling this kind of story. Probably the entirety of “Digital Ash In A Digital Urn” is, but it’s a heavy album and I’m not yet up for listening to it entirely again.

Other music: Thrice’s Alchemy Index (particularly the Water cycle), E. S. Posthumus (epic-style movie music), Rob Dougan (who’s done some good work outside of his Matrix compositions), and of course Don Davis’s original score.