[spacerpunk] Opening Soundtrack from the Animated Series

I just uncovered this from my old archives! Back when I ran the first version of Spacerpunk in 2004, I tried to re-cut the Chumbawamba track “Pass It Along” into “the opening theme song” (if this game were a TV show). Check it out: SpacerPunk2259_TitleTheme

So: Does it hold up? Any suggestions for new soundtrack?

(Listening to it brings back fond memories. I don’t care about the haters: spacerpunk for life.)

(Also, jeez, 2004? Yeah.)

[spacerpunk] always wear your encounter suit

Is this spacerpunk?

Kylie Minogue – Wow (Original edit)

Why not? Fair warning: the video contains slinky spacesuits and exuberant pop within. (But there’s totally retronaut fashion going on in there. Also, need a better name than retronaut.)

For slightly less poptimist sensibilities, there is the MSTRKRFT remix:

And so the “spacerpunk” tag is just an alias for me posting videos I like. Fine.