Notes To Self

Hyperfast megaviolence solomissions. Gun/blade/military violence vs tooth/fang/genemodcreature violence. Huge chasm in between.

Colorscheme: metal/grey/awesome.

“The Game” is a neutral character who enforces the rules of the game. She is Angelina Jolie and Carrie Anne Moss. She is dressed in a jumpsuit of leather acanthus leaves. She can hover, and has mirrorshades made of leather acanthus leaves. (Don’t ask me how that works.)

Mission #0 was with the former Captain. Went crazy, Dirk-Anger-style. His desk is chained off, with fear-chains.

Mission #1 is where JWalt‘s crazed twin was the Recruit. He went crazy but learned to use inner peace to defeat war

Mission #2 starts with the player as the protagonist, with the previous cycle’s player (i.e. JWalt) warns you “ThEre ARE nO cAptaIns!!” Start with #2, go forward in a cycle forward/back to all integers.

Addendum #1: Teeth are bad. Lots of teeth. Teeth teeth teeth.

Addendum #1.5: Screaming/screamteeth. (Screemteath?)

Addendum #2: Never ordering pizza from that place again.